After by Amy Efaw

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Who would ever leave her own baby in the trash to die?  Certainly not someone like Devon-straight A student, soccer player with Olympic dreams, more mature than her own mother.  But desperation and panic drove her to do what most people can’t imagine.  Now Devon’s in a juvenile detention center, charged with attempted murder.  If she’s tried as an adult, she faces life in prison.

Does Devon deserve that punishment?  Your answer depends on whether you believe her story- that she didn’t know she was pregnant.  Was she buried in a denial so deep that she that she unable to register the seemingly obvious signs of pregnancy?  Or were her actions the result of a more devious, premeditated plan?

  1. Elisabeth Greve_Williams says:

    I chose to read “After” because it sounded really interesting and different from anything I have read before. Also, I could tell just from reading the summary that this book will probably be one that I won’t be able to put down. In addition, I am interested to find out what kind of person the main character is because the fact that she would leave her baby in the trash to die already says a lot about her. I am also very curious to find out how she will get herself out of this situation. Being on trial for attempted murder is a very serious offense, and I’m sure she never imagined herself in that situation. I have no idea what I would do myself, so I can’t wait to see how she handles it.

  2. Gretta Richter_Williams says:

    I chose to read this book because it sounded very out of the ordinary. I had never read a book on this topic, nor have I heard of one. Every one hears on the news about dumpster babies and this book seemed very interesting to show why those people do that. I know I would never be able nor want to do something like that, so I thought it would be interesting to see her reasoning for making such a drastic decision. I’m also curious to find out why she didn’t tell anyone, wether she didn’t know or thought she could handle the situation herself. All around, this book seems like a book I won’t want to stop reading and be very interesting to see her reasoning for her actions.

  3. Nicole Smith_Williams says:

    I chose this book off of the Abe list because of how interesting the story sounded. A girl in high school killing her new born child? And, what people think of her now; what she thinks of herself and her decision. the decision she makes seems crazy and i am very interested in hearing her purpose for her decision. all of the other possibilities and choices and she chooses this? i want to know her thoughts behind that decision, also who, if anyone, was going along with this decision too.

  4. Emily Adamczyk says:

    Emily Adamczyk-Saunders per.1

    I chose this book because of the story. It’s intriguing to read about such a horrible thing, and I want to see what was her reasoinging was and what her consequenses will be if she gets caught. I have heard about things happeneing like this but never from a first person point of view. Reading the thoughts and feelings of the mother who kills her own child will be frighteneing.

  5. Meghan McDowell says:

    I chose to read After because based on the summary, there seemed to be a really intense interal conflict between the main character and her own decision. What the character has to deal with in this novel is almost so tragic that it is unbelievable. I am intirgued to read what happened to lead her to this situation and how she will deal with from here or if she will just keep denying herself the realization of her situation. I am interested in seeing how one seemingly insignificant decision can unravel into such a catastrophe and cause the main character to do some unthinkable things.

  6. meghan mcdowell says:

    In some ways, I can easily realte myself to the characters in this novel and in some way I cannot. For example, I am also an athlete like Devon I can easily understand why soccer is places so high on her priority list. Volleyball is a huge part of my life and I would try to avoid anyting that would harm my ability to play the sport I love. Although I believe what Devon did with her chils was cruel and impulsive, I can understand her intentions of trying to maintain her lifestyle of training and playing soccer, something she is very succesful at. Unlike Devon though, I have a good relationship with my family. Devon’s mother is selfish and immature and provides her with no stability. My entire family is very supportive of me and understands and accepts my goals. Although my mother and I do not always see eye to eye, I know she wants what is best for me and does what she can to provide me with every opportunity to be successful.

  7. EmilyAdamczyk says:

    I feel like I am not very relateable to Devon although she is very invested in sports and she tries hard in school. I am very close to my family and would tell them anything, unlike devon. I would have thought twice about having sex at my age, and if I was to get preganant I would deffinatly tell my family. Devon did not think twice about the consequences of her actions and I know that is not what I would do if this was my situation.

  8. Emily Byczek says:

    1. I choose this book because it looked interesting. The story seemed very different from ones that I had perviously read. Also, the librarian told me that she had read it and warned me that it gets a bit graphic, but she said she really enjoyed it and would recommend it.

  9. Emily Byczek says:

    2. I cannot relate to the characters in this story very much at all. Devon lives with her mother, doesn’t know anything about her father, and she is not very close to her mom. My family is very close, so I don’t feel like i can relate to her in that case. However, being left alone often has taught Devon to be independent. I also am independent. She is also very hard working and does not give up, and I am pretty much the same way. We share many personality traits, but I cannot relate to her life or situation at all.

  10. Emily Byczek says:

    3. I think this book is very worthy of being on the Abe’s list. I really enjoyed it. The author did a very good job writing it. The ending is predictable, but it is still great. I also think the message/theme is inspiring. No matter how badly someone messes up or makes a mistake, they should always be honest even if it means getting yourself into trouble. The novel was a page turner, but not one that was taking unexpected turns in the road.

  11. Kendall Johannesen English 1, Mrs. Billie (period 9) says:

    2. I am like Devon in ways, even though I’ve never been through anything like she did or anything that bad. I know what it is like being a teenager and to have something bad piled on top of it all, just like her. Also like her, I tend to put things off until it becomes an issue, then end up getting in trouble, which also happened to her.
    3. I think this book definitely deserves to be on this years abe list. It teaches a lesson to teenage readers, and shows you how how there are consequences when you do bad things. So in a way it convinces teenagers to stay out of trouble and to never do something like this.

  12. EmilyAdamczyk says:

    3. I think this book was very worthy of being on the abes list. Not only did I enjoy it but I really did learn a lesson from it. No matter how bad something may be it is always be better to tell the truth and just let everything happen the way it is supposed to. The novel was really intense the whole time and I always wanted to keep reading.

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